The Glazer Family May Not Attend Charlton's Funeral
2023-11-13 14:43:53

The Glazer family, owners of Manchester United, are reportedly considering not attending the funeral of legendary player Sir Bobby Charlton. According to The Sun, they are concerned that their presence at the funeral might attract backlash from the fans who have been demanding the family to sell the club. The funeral is scheduled to take place on Monday afternoon at 1:30 pm local time.

The Sun, citing The Daily Star, reported that the Glazer family is expected to avoid attending the funeral due to the potential risk of being confronted by disgruntled Manchester United supporters. The fans have long been dissatisfied with the Glazers' ownership and have been vocal about their desire for a change in ownership. The Glazers are reportedly seeking to avoid any negative press coverage and have been in discussions with the club's management regarding their attendance.

When approached for comment, Manchester United declined to provide any official statement on the matter, leaving the speculation surrounding the Glazer family's attendance at Sir Bobby Charlton's funeral unanswered. This silence has only fueled further speculation and intrigue among fans and the media.

Sir Bobby Charlton, who passed away recently, was a legend at Manchester United, having spent his entire professional career at the club. His contribution to the team's success, including winning the European Cup in 1968, has made him an iconic figure in the club's history. His funeral is expected to be attended by numerous former players, staff, and dignitaries from the football world.The Glazer family's presence at such an important footballing event would undoubtedly draw attention. The fans, who have been actively protesting against the Glazers' ownership, would see this as an opportunity to voice their discontent directly. The controversy surrounding the Glazers' stewardship of Manchester United has been ongoing for years, with many fans feeling that the family's financial interests have overshadowed the club's on-pitch success.Despite any potential backlash that they may face, it is not entirely surprising that the Glazer family is contemplating skipping the funeral. They have been the subject of intense criticism from the fans and media alike, with numerous protests being organized against their ownership. The animosity towards the Glazers has only increased in recent years, particularly due to the impact of the Super League debacle and the increased financial burden faced by the club.The absence of the Glazer family at the funeral, if indeed true, would only further fuel the frustrations of the fans. It would signal a lack of respect towards not only Sir Bobby Charlton but also the supporters who hold him dear. It could potentially escalate the ongoing rift between the ownership and the fans, further straining the relationship between the two parties.In the event that the Glazer family does decide to attend the funeral, it will likely fall upon Joel Glazer, the co-chairman of Manchester United, to represent the family. However, given the potential risk and negative reception they may face, it remains to be seen if they will ultimately choose to attend or opt for a more discreet approach. The decision will undoubtedly be weighed against the potential impact it may have on the already fragile relationship between the ownership and the fans.